Get Gorgeous: Lashes

If the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, then your lashes are obviously the gorgeous, ornate frame around them.  And any of you who keep your home as curated as your immaculate cosmetics case know that a good framed mirror can go a long way — so can some seriously lengthy lashes!

Winking, batting, fluttering — communication gets a step up with a set of gorgeous lashes — but that eye-fringe doesn’t curl, coat, and extend itself, so here are a few of our favorite tips for making the most of what you have.

1.  Start with a pair of clean, dry lashes and an eyelash curler. A little curling can go a long way when it comes to making those peepers pop, so try heating the curler lightly with a hairdryer first, then gently squeeze your lashes with the curler at the lashline and pulse your way out towards the tips.

2.  You wouldn’t paint a wall without priming first, so what makes you think your lashes are any different?  A swipe of eyelash primer will give your mascara something to adhere too and offer up the thickest lash results.

3.  Next, apply the star of this show, mascara.  Black, brown, blue, waterproof, smudgeproof, extending, fattening, nonclumping — the vast array of mascara’s available is dizzying — but one thing is certain: a coat or three of your favorite mascara can really highlight your precious peepers.  The more coats of mascara you apply, the more intense your lashes will look.  That last bit comes courtesy of Captain Obvious.

4.  Banish any unslightly clumping by combing through your mascara-ed lashes with the metal or plastic side of your eyebrow/eyelash brush, and Voila! — a gorgeous set of luscious and perfectly coiffed lashes!

5.  And finally, what goes on, must come off.  Your eye area is very sensitive, and tugging, pulling, or rubbing your lashes is big no-no.  Be sure to use a specialized and gentle makeup remover to clean off all remnants of mascara before you close your eyes for the eve.

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