Getting Shellac’d! Breaking Down the New Manicure Craze

Manicures are a girl’s best friend until they begin to chip and create an unsightly pairing for a well pulled together look. No matter how much top coat you add to your favorite lacquer disaster can still strike at any moment leaving you stripped of your beauty dignity. Don’t settle for the old tried and true polishing routine, step up your nail game with a long lasting Shellac manicure.

What Makes Shellac Unique

You’ll ditch your regular manicure for a polish and shine that can outlive a regular manicure by two to three times. Shellac, created by CND (Creative Nail Design), is a polish that wears like a gel and utilizes UV3 technology to keep the polish intact for up to fourteen days without chipping, becoming dull or needing a touchup. Unlike gels and acrylic nails, it also won’t damage your natural nails or leave them weakened. You will pay a little more at the nail salon for this service that doesn’t take much longer than a regular manicure.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Imposters

Shellac, a patent pending product, nail polishes and UV lamps are only available to qualified salons and spas that are properly trained on the Shellac technique and services. “We’ve heard of people pouring gel in a polish bottle and saying it’s like Shellac. Make sure the bottles of base coat, color and top coat say CND Shellac on the bottle,” says CND Education Training Manager and Celebrity Nail Professional, Roxanne Valinoti. “Another way to tell for sure that you are not getting a gel or Shellac manicure is that your technician is not using a UV light to cure the nails – both use this technology for drying.”

Leave It to The Professionals

Shellac products can’t be purchased at retail and isn’t a do-it-yourself service. Unfortunately you won’t be able to create this miracle beauty service at home. Improperly applying Shellac without a professional and without at UV lamp to cure the nails, can cause the polish to not look professional or last as long.

Removing Shellac

Unlike acrylic nails or gel applications, removal with Shellac doesn’t cause damage to your natural nails. Your technician will use special Shellac remover wipes that have cotton pads that are directed right onto the nail for soaking in acetone without damage to your skin. It’s a 10 minute removal process that helps all of the Shellac to be removed without any filing or chipping away at your natural nail.

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