Givenchy Men’s Spring 2012 Collection

Riccardo Tisci has been infamous for bringing darkness, and  androgyny to anything he has been behind, up until this point. He is known for spotlighting trangendered, and albino models, and putting them in gothic clothes to rub obscurity in onlookers faces. This Spring 2012 collection was a breath of fresh air for the house of Givenchy!

Tisci took his childhood dream of being a surfer, and his infatuation with breaking down the gender lines, and applied them to this collection. The colors and prints were bright, happy, and vivid, using army green, and ivory, and prints of birds of paradise. He used sequins on sweaters and leggings, and the models were even wearing white sandals. He had many of the men in some form of warrior skirt, which managed to still be masculine, for the most part. The collection looks like he took a group of Roman warriors and gave them a vacation in modern day Hawaii. We are glad to see Tisci’s growth. He has always been an incredible designer but his efforts sometimes are drawn from such obscurity that it almost seems like a cliche attempt at fashion and now he has evolved and shown us his range. There is beauty in both light and dark.

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