Go Beltless

Out of all the trends one does encounter, some I follow and some I don’t. It usually depends on how comfortable the trend is for me that decides whether or not I will follow. Then it depends on whether or not it expresses my personality. I think this is a pretty healthy way of deciding upon following trends. The trend that I have noticed and am now an avid supporter of, is the Beltless trend. Belts are after all little more than an accommodation to sloppy tailoring and even sloppier weight management. Belted pants do not need to fit with precision and so they do not.¬†Pants without belt loops on the other hand have a cleaner waistband and lack that horrible belt buckle bulge under a vest or a more fitted shirt.

Now, I doubt that I will be able to get this across to most people as many are stuck on this rule, but I have indeed not worn a belt in a couple of months by default and have realized that it makes me feel a little more clean and it always looks intentional and styled well. Try it out and see how it works for you.

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