Grandma’s House: Top Shop Pairs With Emma Cook

UK’s fast-fashion import Top Shop is going places. Prepping to pop up in a slew of US shopping sites and of course, collaborating with indie designers to lay their stake in the cool market claim. And what better way to kick off the season than with a wintery-warm pairing with Emma Cook on a cheeky holiday collection inspired by everything Grandma.

The line pays homage to sugar cookies, gift wrapping and knick-knack oddities all wrapped under the guise of animal-motif sweaters, past-their prime prints, mittens, Christmas ornaments and an array of home goods.

“I wanted it to be fun and kitschy, but just nontraditional enough to be cool.” Cook recently told Elle magazine. “I love all things Christmas and the fun and frivolity of it all. We started with the idea of the sugary color palette—mint green, pastel pink, and silver. We then mixed that with things that we love, like giant gift wrap, bows, deer, party hats, and woodland animals.”

And while you won’t be able to find these cool and quirky wears at Grandma’s house per say, you will find them hitting Top Shop shelves on December 6.

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