Gwyneth Paltrow New Face of Max Factor

gwenyth paltrow max factor

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We’re all taking a new look at Gwyneth Paltrow these days. After signing a deal with Hugo Boss as their new spokesperson for their women’s fragrance, Platrow is capitalizing on this celebrity endorsement engine and taking off full steam.

The Procter & Gamble Co.-owned makeup brand said Thursday in a WWD report that Paltrow will star in a six-month Max Factor campaign that launches in November, in which she’ll model looks created by the brand’s makeup artists to reflect the different aspects of her life.

Launching globally, the campaigns will feature seven different looks from the different aspects of Paltrow’s life as mother, actress and singer. We’re excited about the presentation of the upcoming looks that won’t be difficult to achieve from this affordable makeup brand.

What say you Posh Beauties? Will Paltrow’s presence inspire you to try new looks from Max Factor?

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