Gwyneth’s Goop Opens It’s e-Shop

For all the flack that Gwyneth Paltrow receives for her her lifestyle blog Goop.com, it seems to be growing.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Tee

Gwyneth‘s questionably named site has ventured from recipes and reason into the world of e-commerce starting with a redesign of the site to include the goop collection. The Goop e-shop will carry limited-edition collaborations (one per week) of either articles of clothing, home decor, or beauty products and debuted this week with it’s very first offering: A white tee. Simple enough, right?

Gwyneth makes the tee look every bit worthy of its $90 price tag in the photo, but in reality it’s an over-expensive closet staple — more ammunition for Goop critics who are wary of someone used to the Hollywood lifestyle directing a real-life site. Regardless, the T-shirt was designed in conjunction with Kain Label and is one-size-fits-most with grosgrain piping on the shoulders and sides. Gwyneth gives some Goop-ish advice on sporting the shirt on the site itself, saying: “This sophisticated embellishment to Kain’s trademark silhouette will wear well for day into night” and, “We like to wear ours untucked.”

What do you think? Will you be making a stop at the Goop shop? Or is Gwyneth reaching a bit too far out of her stratosphere?

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