Hair Files: Mastering the Art of the Afro

When black ¬†was beautiful back during the “Revolution” movement, the Afro was an iconic style that even young Jewish kids could rock along with bell bottoms and platform shoes. The Afro not only symbolized independence, individuality and love for one’s hair, it was self-expression and freedom irrupting from the hair follicles of hope, change and equality.

Macy Gray

Instead of fists in the air and afro pics sitting pleasantly to the side against the scalp of the coolest mamma-jamma’s, the Afro is red carpet approved and stylishly chic.

Jourdon Dunn

Afro’s are loud, unapologetic, shaped within itself and graciously open to change. It can walk the runway, the board room and even the coffee shop. It’s never ending ability to shift, evolve and yet stay exactly true to itself resembles so much of the beauty of life.

Louis Vuitton 2009 Runway Show

How do you master the Art of your Afro? Share your pictures with us!

Love and Beauty,


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