Hair Play: Curls, Kinks and Ringlets

Singer Shingai Shoniwa

Embrace your curls! The past few months, popular bloggers and meetups have all been celebrating the fabulousness of all things curly! If you’re a girl with kinks, waves, coils and curls let your mane enter the spotlight with styles and inspiration from our favorite curly-haired celebs.

Actress Tasha Smith

This curly beauty let’s her ringlets become the backdrop for her gorgeous makeup, beautiful silhouette and big earrings.

Singer Leela James

She bursted onto the scene with gigantic hair that demanded attention. Let your curls be large and in charge with gold and brown hues and a braid that serves as a head band.

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross

Making a statement doesn’t always have to be big to be beautiful. You can proudly display your luscious locks like our curly favorite Tracee Ellis Ross, in a kept pony tail that’s chic and sits nicely behind your gorgeous smile.

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