Has Dior Found Thier Man?

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 4:58 pm
  • August 22, 2011

Marc Jacobs

Whew… Dior has certainly seem their fair share of drama in the past year. From the end of their much-fetted relationship with designer John Galliano, to the disastrous reviews of thier Spring 2012 collection (sans Galliano and at the hands of Galliano right-hand-man Bill Gaytten.) Could it now be that Dior is near to settling the much-discussed topic of who will succeed Galliano?

WWD reported today that Marc Jacobs is in “serious” talks to do just that. His contract at Louis Vuitton is ending and, before renewing, LVMH is rumored to be vetting him for the Dior job. Jacobs would inevitably bring his business partner Robert Duffy, who works with him at Vuitton and at his own label. Leaving LVMH to fill the vacancy at Vuitton – surely another topic to keep the bloggosphere buzzing.

After rumors that Jacobs was gunning for the position, he was asked by WWD at his most recent Vuitton show if he was gunning for Galliano’s job at Dior at his last Vuitton show, to which he famously and ambiguously replied, “I haven’t been asked.” It seems he has now.

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