Haute Hair: Get Rihanna’s Easy Summer Look

Rihanna turned heads last year when she came onto the scene with firey red hair that women and teens across the country are now sporting. It’s definitely a trend that had to grow on the rest of us. But what was once a faux paux that looked similar to our favorite fast food clown, is now a color and style that Rihanna has classed up and brought a little sophistication to.

Rihanna sports a beautiful braided ‘do during the 2011 Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Achieve this look at home by parting slightly off center and creating two cornrows on each side of the hair around the frame of the face. Bring together the two plaits at the side of the neck and join together into one large plait. Let it swing over your shoulder and finish with a nice shine gloss.

This look is perfect for work, a night out with friends and even a black tie event. Just make sure to wear appropriate makeup and jewelry!

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