Hilfigers Collaborate with Steven Tyler for a New Rocker Line

We have known the Hilfiger brand for a long time as an All-American apparel brand that we have come to know and love! It has transcended past the prep market and even made it’s way to the urban market in the 90′s. Well, partner Andy Hilfiger has decided start a new line that will be something like a celebrity branded line, but not exactly, since this concept is being over saturated. The line will be called “Andrew Charles,” and will be a “rocker-chic” style of clothing. The face, inspiration, and occasional creative consultant for the vintage rocker themed line will be rock icon himself, Steven Tyler.

When asked about why he thinks the line will be successful Andy Hilfiger had this to say- “I think it was Guitar Hero and Rock Band (that makes this relevant). The kids are playing those classic songs, and they love them. Now they think it’s cool. Also, there are only certain musicians who can pull off the fashion thing believably. Steven has always been a respected fashion icon.”

“The way he wears his leopards and his scarves. It’s all very ‘70s, very gypsy, very boho. And that’s what our line is about. He’s collaborating on the design, and we’re even doing a Steven Tyler scarf line.” he continued.

The line will also carry women’s clothes, and the face of the women’s clothing line will be Steven Tyler’s 22 year old daughter Chelsea Tyler. Steven and Chelsea will not be the permanent faces of the line, but they are the faces for the launch. The fun new rock duds will be sold exclusively at Macy’s, as Macy’s is on a major effort to step up their fashion presence. We can’t wait to see how this will turn out!

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