H&M To Launch Recycling Initiative

Last week mid-level fashion emporium Zara took the spotlight in the environmental game with its vow to reverse its current reputation as a major offender in the green game — and H&M is not about to let them steal their thunder. The fast-fashion chain has announced its intention to launch a recycling initiative in order to become more earth friendly. The initiative will launch globally in February 2013.

The details include you being allowed to recycle your old clothing — regardless of condition or an H&M label — in exchange for store discounts on new H&M goods! Set to be called iCollect (Hmm… do we smell an Apple reference?), the initiative will place iCollect boxes near cash wraps inside of H&M stores where shoppers can drop off bags of used clothing and get vouchers in exchange.

A representative for the brand recently spoke to WWD about this new plan, “There are a lot of garments that really go to waste. We encourage customers to use garments for as long as possible, but we know a lot goes to incineration plants. We want to advance recycling. We want to organically grow this idea.” A marriage made in earth-friendly and fashion-friendly heaven!

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