Holographic Models?

So… I am kind of the men’s fashion editor for the site and I typically try to post things that are relevant to men that like fashion. With that being said, I came across this story not sure if it was relevant or not to the readers that are men, but the little 5 year old, sci-fi loving boy in me thought this story was very intriguing. I hope you guys find it just as relevant, intriguing and entertaining!

For his most recent Fall 2011 collection, Valentino Vettori explored the concept of human perception and its impact on others, using holograms of models against a white cut out silhouette for the opening of the Improvd store in downtown Manhattan’s uber trendy meat packing district. As a little boy with a very vivid imagination, this was the type of stuff I ¬†would read about or wish were real, and now it pretty much exists. I always appreciate when fashion and technology are married to form a new medium of expression and would like to spotlight Vettori for being forward thinking. This was simply a store opening that garnered a decent amount of press just because of the idea, I can’t wait to see more from this line in the future.

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