How Do You Take Your Tea

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 6:15 am
  • March 2, 2011

My favorite fragrances come from the veritable Queen of luxury scents for home and body, Jo Malone (there’s a reason for that que around the block at her London store folks!) So I’m finding it a touch hard to contain my excitement over the release of the brands new Tea Fragrance Blends.

Jo Malone's Tea Fragrance Blends

Staying true to Jo Malone’s history of multiple notes in their intoxicating scents, the company (now owned by Estee Lauder) and it’s olfactory geniuses have created a collection that you blend yourself.

Think three different tea fragrances, along with lemon and cream colognes that you add in accordance to your tastes. Choose from the three ‘tea’ blends, Assam & Grapefruit ($55), Fresh Mint Leaf ($55), and Earl Grey & Cucumber ($55), all lovely and lightly transparent – meant to sit gently on the skin; then spritz with one (or both) of the two ‘condiment’ colognes, either Sweet Lemon ($55) or Sweet Milk ($55) to create an individual and multi-toned perfume. The Sweet Lemon is meant to sweeten and feminize, while the Sweet milk deepens to a more ‘perfume-y’ finish.

So, it seems the question is: How do you take your tea?

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