How It Works

Quick links: add a business | add business services | for you and your friends

For Freelancers & Businesses

Add a Business:

1.Register, it’s FREE!

2.Click on the “Add a Business” button.

3.Enter your business name and location.

4.Select on your business name and Click on the “Details” tab on the page
5.Enter your business description, hours and other details to make it standout.

6.Click on the “Save” button.

Add your business Services:

7.Click on the “Services” tab on the page.
8.Specify the services and price range of the services you offer.

Add your business photos and videos

9. Click on the “Upload” tab on the page.
10.Upload your video and photos.


Add Employees to your business

1.On the “My Account” page, select your business name.
2.Click on the “Employees” tab.
3.Click on the “add employee” hyperlink.
4.Enter your employee’s name and description.

5.Click on the “Save” button.

Manage your appointments

1.Click on the “Appointments” tab.

2.Select the name of the employee you want to see their appointments.
3.Click on “Edit” to change or delete and appointment.
4.Click on “Confirm” to confirm or cancel appointment.

Add a Job

1.On the “Beauty Gigs” menu, click on the “Post a Job” button.

2.Enter the Job details and click the “Save” button

3.To view all the jobs you have posted:

a)On the “My Account” page,  click on “My Jobs”
b)Click on the job title you created.
c)Edit or Delete the job.

View your business Messages

1.On the “My Account” page, click on the “Messages” tab.

For you & your friends

1.Search for a business or service and specify city and proximity.

2.Find great freelancers or businesses

3.View Business Details, Business Hours,  List of services they offer, Prices & Rates,

Photos and Video.

4. Make appointments
5.Refer your friends to the business
6.Send a message to the business

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