How to Choose Denim…

It seems that a good pair of jeans is not the easiest to come by these days. I have bought many pairs of jeans that I wind up wearing maybe a couple of times and then never pull them out of the closet again because they just don’t look as good as I would like them to. A good pair of jeans looks great with just a white t-shirt and a simple shoe like converse, and you can wear them just about everyday with a different shirt and no one will know the wiser (trust me, I’m famous for it).

To find a good pair of jeans you want to make sure that it is a wash that goes with just about every color, so go easy on the faded jeans for if these are not pulled off right you can just look tacky. Also, the jeans with all of the wholes and rips in them should only be worn once in a while as a statement piece. My favorite fits are usually a more modern cut that fit slim and sit right below the waist, and make sure the crotch isn’t extra long. Not too tight, and not too loose, and please stay away from the boot cut unless you want to look very “2000 and late”. Its a pretty simple equation. My favorite jeans usually come from Levi’s ($60), BDG($40-$60), and if I don’t mind spending, Diesel ($120-ish).

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