How to Eliminate Creases Under The Eyes

Pulling those all-nighters to cram for exams or finish up some last minute work projects don’t have to take their tolls on your face. Tired eyes can look stressed, aged and a little wrinkled. Take a stand with tips to help eliminate creases, puffiness and bags under your eyes and say hello to a brighter face.

Tea Bags

Compress your eyes with cold tea bags, preferrably green tea, and allow the caffeine to instantly wake up your eyes and the polyphenols to do the free-radical fighting for you.

Eye Cream

Beauty expert and creator of Suki Skin Care Suki Kramer, recommends finding eye creams that contain resveratrol that do wonders for anti aging without surgery. Also, look for products that contain natural wrinkle reducers like aloe vera, acai, vitamin c and hylauronic acid.


If you’re not getting your daily recommended intake of water, you’re doing your body and your skin a disservice. Hydrate your insides with water and a great nutrition game plan to give your skin the beauty boost it needs daily.

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