How To Get That Glow

Glitter and glow is never too far from fashion week makeup, but the holographic skin seen on 3.1 Phillip Lim models added a modern take on reflective makeup that nearly everyone take notice.

Calling it the “Monochromatic Techno Glow,” makeup artist Francelle Daly created kaleidoscopic skin by applying layers of reflective makeup that was slightly pearlescent and quite nearly holographic. “I was inspired by Phillip’s use of techno fabrics this season—you’ll them see in the accessories and sunglasses. There’s a prismatic opalescence that I wanted to incorporate into the makeup. So we did a new take on the summer glow called a ‘monochromatic techno glow,’ which translates into illuminated skin with holographic textures. Daly’s generous application to the whole face, made for a look so inspiring, we thought you might want to emulate it.

For an all over glow, blend a pastel pink or nude shimmer stick on on the high planes of your face — tops of cheeks, the tip and bridge of the nose, and the forehead. Next, dab a brightening or shimmering clear gloss over your lipstick at the center of the mouth to create dimension. And finally, apply a multi-faceted cream shadow that catched the light — placing the attention precisely where it should be — you.

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