How to Roll Your Sleeves Up

Have you ever wanted to roll up your sleeves like the trendy stars seen on the red carpet at the VMA’s? Well it is surprisingly a little more complicated than you would imagine. I know it seems a ¬†bit weird to do an entire post on how to roll your sleeves up, but we have seen too many people ruin this look.

There is a fine balance to rolling up your sleeves, somewhere between keeping the sleeves even, but also making sure it doesn’t look like you ironed it into the perfect shape. When rolling your sleeves up, they should look something like Kellan Lutz shown above. They should come to your upper forearm, and you should make it look like a non chalant option, and not something you intentionally did when you woke up and put your outfit together. Keep it looking just slightly messy, after all that is the whole appeal- the buttoned down, casual, kind of look. If it looks like you had a team of stylists put you together with extra big wrist jewelry on like Cory Monteith¬†looks below, you may have gone too far.

One last tip is to only do this look in more casual settings. If you are going somewhere that absolutely requires a tie, you may want to think about keeping the sleeves buttoned down, and you may also want to grab a jacket/blazer while you are at it. Better to be slightly over dressed, and have the option of taking off your jacket and rolling up your sleeves later, over being stuck looking under dressed all night.

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