How Wearing Different Colors Affects Your Mood

Have you ever noticed that wearing different colors makes you feel different ways. In many belief systems it is believed that each color exudes a different energy and can subtly or even sometimes greatly affect your mood. Here is a simple guide to explaining what each color is said to exude:

  • Black- a color that can make one feel powerful and in control. Also a color of safety and submission. One can never go wrong with black. Notice how nun’s and priests wear black as a sign of submission to higher authority. Black personally makes me feel put together and can be unintentionally over expressive by making me feel darker. I notice that I am sharper and sometimes more severe when wearing black.
  • White- a color of purity and light. Nurses and doctors often wear white as a symbol of being sterile and brides wear white for purity. White personally makes me feel lighter and breezy, it makes the day easier, and I feel more approachable.
  • Red- an emotionally intense color that can greatly affect your mood. Like love, it often times can bring a wide array of intense emotions. I try not to wear too much red, but to use a lot of red accents as they stand out well.
  • Blue- a color of loyalty and focus. Blue has been shown to work well in interviews as it helps to focus. It has been shown in studies that people that lift weights in a blue room can lift heavier weights. I wear it as a power color.
  • Yellow- similar to red in intensity except it is a happier color. Also an attention grabber. Yellow can often clash with skin colors, so one must choose wisely what yellow looks best on them and if that color yellow makes them feel good. I also mainly wear yellow accessories as yellow clothes can be over powering.
  • Green- a color of prosperity and wealth. Notice how the most lush plants are the greenest. It sends subtle energy out that one is healthy and thriving. It is one of the easiest colors on the eye and one of the safest colors to wear, just choose the shade wisely. I wear green to boost my energy.
  • Purple- the color of royalty and of higher conciousness. Purple is the color of the crown chakra (found on top of your head). It is believed to be the color that connects you to the universe. This color is a very subtly powerful color inducing feelings of bliss and suspreme knowledge, wealth, and luxury. Purple is not found in nature often, so it exudes an energy of being exotic. When I wear purple it makes me feel that my higher conciousness is more easily accessible.

Notice the next time if wearing different colors makes you feel a certain way. Although it can be subtle, you will be surprised once you are aware of this, how much it truly affects you. It is one of the greatest tools in fashion. We dress to express, and it is an art form. Wield it as you may.

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