I See London, I See France…

  • by Maria Denardo
  • posted at 9:22 pm
  • November 30, 2010

Valentino, Alexander Wang, Givenchy

There will always be trends your mother just won’t get and you can’t get enough of. Remember when you tried to sneak out of the house when you were 17 wearing nothing but a vintage see-through slip only to be caught and defend your case with a Winona Ryder reference? Maybe that was just me. But, you know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there whether it be with the miniskirt or tattered denim or even crop tops. Well, now we can add another fashion fad to mama’s You Don’t Plan on Wearing That in Public list: sheer pants!

American Apparel, Etsy, Urban Outfitters

In defense of dear ‘ol mum, we can’t all be Gaga or Leighton Meester. This much is true. But we can look to designers like Alexander Wang and Givenchy to tweak the trend in our favor, i.e. make it more sophisticated. The trick is to look for sheer pants that aren’t completely transparent. Stick to double-layered designs, dark fabrics, and prints for day. (In a bind? A pair of black tights underneath can work in a pinch!) For night, reach for your retro high-waisted bikini bottoms or sequined hotpants to wear underneath. It’s okay. We won’t tell.

Maria Denardo

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