Intel And W Hotels Call For Aspiring Film Makers With New Film Series

four stories

Intel and W Hotels are asking film makers and artists holding on to epic screenplays to rethink what is possible. Announcing their partnership and launch of “Four Stories”, the two brands are offering film makers a platform for showcasing their work globally in a project that delivers innovative stories around 24/7 travel and mobile technology. This project is only one of many Intel plans to unveil to promote The Ultrabook Experience which will focus on grand-scale projects with innovators in travel, film, business and design.

“I admire W Hotels and Intel for encouraging emerging artists by giving them this chance to introduce themselves,” said Roman Coppola of The Directors Bureau, industry leader,  and panelist for selecting one of the three winning screenplays. “To all those people thinking of participating, I hope that they take this opportunity to be bold, to push boundaries and to think of ideas which are totally unique to themselves. As Thomas Edison said, ‘Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.’”

Applicants can submit their screenplays by visiting intel.com/fourstories before August 30th.

Winning applicants of “Four stories” will have their films premiered on the red carpet at select W Hotels around the world this fall.


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