Ipad Pocket for Your Suit?

Continuing on the Ipad theme (since I know all of us gentlemen are swooning over the new gadget) I found this story to share. There are often times when companies attempt to capitalize off of any and everything. Many times companies make moves in the wrong direction when marketing gimmicky products such as the one shown above. I consider this to be a fairly tacky move on the part of these companies but what can you do…? They always make me laugh a little, so I thought I would laugh together.

We meet The iPad Suit…

Yeah. This is real. Capitalizing on Wednesday’s iPad 2 announcement, New York City’s “Mohan’s Custom Tailor”¬†want to sew you an iPad pocket. It’s probably just a publicity stunt for what looks like an otherwise respectable tailor’s workshop. But it’s better off as a public cautionary tale: Don’t. Not just because it’ll weigh you down, and make your suit jacket look uneven, but because it’s just not a practical idea.

Instead, opt for an acceptable alternative that can put your style somewhere that isn’t in “flasher’s view”: maybe try one of the ideas I posted yesterday.

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