Is Cheap Fashion Killing Our Planet? Elizabeth Cline Says So

When we think about global warming, our environment and even our food, we often turn to increasing our awareness about recycling, reusing, going organic and turning off the AC. But what about our clothing? In a world of easy access fashion, designers partnering with budget retailers and $5 t-shirts that are easy toss-aways, our current high-consumption society is way too used to buying cheap clothes all in the name of trend.

Elizabeth L. Cline, author of the new book Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion calls out this toxic “fast fashion” frenzy that accounts for over-production, lack of originality when it comes to designs and even FLOTUS who is notorious for citing Target as her go to store for looking incredible. Where quantity has outweighed quality and the importance of creating a sustainable wardrobe (pieces that are well made and can be worn and cared for for years) is a lost thought, Overdressed is likened to Fast Food Nation or Food Inc. but specifically geared towards the fashion industry.

What do you think Posh Beauties? Are you willing to give up your access to cheap fashion in the name of a better planet and better quality? Check out the book and let us know your thoughts.


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