Issa + The Outnet Wants You To Play Princess

If you’ve been pining to play princess, Issa London has a little something for you. The brand that designed Kate Middleton’s engagement dress (You know that little blue number that sent the masses into a frenzy?) has collaborated with e-designer The Outnet on a range of dresses. The collection is set to launch today and will include a few of the brand’s archived styles in a variety of colors and fabrics.

“We’ve worked with Issa so that our customers can invest in styles that they may have missed the first time round and they also have the opportunity to buy an exclusive style at great value,” Stephanie Phair, managing director of The Outnet recently told Vogue UK. So if you simply couldn’t get your paws on Kate’s little blue number… you can find something close to it right now! Thanks Issa and Outnet. Here are a few for your perusal.

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