Italian Town Bans Miniskirts

  • by Maria Denardo
  • posted at 12:00 pm
  • October 28, 2010

Versace Fall 2010 RTW

From a culture that birthed provocative brands like Versace and Gucci, it may come as a surprise to hear about the new clothing restrictions in Italy. Mayor Luigi Bobbio of Castellammare di Stabia, a small beach town located south of Naples, won a town council vote Sunday to ban short skirts and cleavage-baring tops in an effort to raise “public decorum.” Police will be enforcing the ban with fines up to $475. (He’s not kidding around–that’s half of a Manolo!)

Questions are being raised about equality, sexual harassment, and police regulations. Will a tape measure be whipped out upon a moments notice à la sophomore year gym class? Mayer Bobbio says no. “They won’t need to carry out checks up close,” he explained. “One glance will be enough to judge.” So they’ll be eyeballing it? Uh-oh. Protesters aren’t buying it, and needless to say many residents are unhappy with the changes.

The conservatively known Bobbio, elected via Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Freedom party ticket, has been lobbying for stricter community laws since he took office. Bobbio’s liberal counterparts are outraged with the newest win, which follows 40 additional bans including wearing swimwear outside the beach, swearing in public, climbing trees, and playing ball in the street. The moral of the story: nobody likes a party pooper, especially the fashion industry.

Maria Denardo

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