It’s here! Choupette Lagerfeld X Shu Uemura = Shupette

Way back in July we let the cat out of the bag about Lagerfeld’s latest feline-inspired cosmetics collaboration with beauty brand Shu Uemura and the dreamy day has come when we can all finally get our paws on it.

Why all the kitty references? This collection is inspired by the Kaiser’s own beloved and seriously pampered feline Choupette. (We’ve linked the glamorous cat’s Instagram account, but you can also find her on Twitter, Facebook and in a short making of video for the makeup line here.)

So what does a cat know about cosmetics? Probably not a lot as — if you ask them — they don’t need any outside help in looking simply glorious. *The world couldn’t really handle them being more fabulous than they already are, know could we? But Ms. Choupette Lagerfeld has inspired a Shupette collection that will help you — mere human — get at least half-way to cat-tastic.

“It may sound pretentious, but believe me, everyone falls in love with me or is, at the very least, attracted to my beauty and my charm,” Choupette is quoted as saying. “My products beautifully enhance all of this.”

Think fur and tiny rhinestone embellished false lashes, kitty glitter, 2 creme rouge palettes, a few eyeshadow trios, a cleansing oil, eyelash curler, brushes, face powder and a larger lip and eye palette. Ranging from $20 – $400 (for a kitty paw printed makeup case), the collection is not inexpensive — but neither is Choupette. *Meow.

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