JcPenny’s Reinvents Stores with Popular In-Store Shops

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They first took the in-store shop to task when adding Sephora to their line up and then there was the luxe MANGO line. Now, budget-friendly retailer JcPenny’s is offering specialty retail within their department store model to attract more customers and offer the boutique experience to current customers wanting more options.

In a press release issued by JcPenny early this year, CEO Ron Johnson stated “The department store is the number one opportunity in retail today. We are going to rethink every aspect of our business, boldly pursue change, and create long-term shareholder value, as we become America’s favorite store.”

And Johnson has delivered on this promise setting to roll out 100 branded shops replacing the common rack theory of retail and offering customers value in addition to services.

Business Week announced that branded shops that debut in August will stock blue jeans, a huge category for back-to-school. Six shops in each store — one each in young men’s and juniors — feature merchandise from Levi Strauss & Co., Jeans by Buffalo and Penney’s own Arizona brand.

Retailers like Target who announced this year their branded, in-store shop concept have also jumped on to the trend. JcPenny’s is looking to better connect their messaging with customers and hopeful that this new model, never done on such grand of a scale in retail before, will communicate better and offer customers an experience they’ve never had.

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