Jessica White Develops New Skin Care Line

Even if you can’t be a supermodel, you sure as heck can look like one. Maybelline spokesmodel Jessica White and all-around beauty is busy at work to develop and introduce a skin care line to enhance African-American, Latin and Asian skin tones. The projected name of the line will be called “Devise Beauty“.

White has covered the campaigns of CoverGirl, Victoria’s Secret and has even posed a few times for Sports Illustrated. Now she’s turning her passion of beauty into profit and taking this entrepreneurial venture much like her successor Tyra Banks who dubbed her “the model of this generation”. The skin care line isn’t the stop to her growth, she’s also writing her own autobiography and filming her own documentary series, in addition to creating the Angel Wings Foundation which the sole┬ámission is to provide support for victims of sexual abuse. An experience she has personally faced.

We are always excited about models that are out in the world adding prosperity to others. Stay tuned for Devise Beauty!

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