Jewels For Your Jewels – What’s Up With Vajazzling?

The latest trend in “down there” grooming doesn’t come from Brazil. It comes from a series of crystals and rhinestones perfectly placed to create a work of art on your lady pyramid and it’s a growing trend in spas across the US.

Ladies looking to add a little sizzle to their lady parts can expect to pay anywhere from $50 (for Rhinestones) to $750 (for Swarovski Crystals) for décor that lasts about 5 days.

The process is simple and begins with a wax to get you mean and clean followed by hand gluing crystals one at a time into your desired design. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is an active vajazzler and has boasted her new hobby on Chelsea Lately and a host of other television shows stating how having the service done makes her feel good about her private parts.

Many high-end salons and spas are beginning to offer the service to clients. So far, there haven’t been any reported issues or concerns with crystals inhabiting such a sacred place. We’re still on the fence about this one, but hey, whatever makes your boat float…

Have you vajazzled? Share your experience with us and if you would ever do it again!

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