Jill Stuart Pit’s New York Style Against Gangnam Style

Dress classy, dance cheesy.

The rumor mill has been set alight today by a YouTube video insinuating that Korean internet sensation Psy is all set to pair with designer Jill Stuart for a “Gangnam Style” collection of duds to help you “dress classy, dance cheesy.” — Don’t worry.  That’s apparently a good thing.

Here are the things that we do know (courtesy the video): Psy wears his trademark suit and sunglasses (albeit the suit and the fit look suspiciously more stylish than we’ve seen him in before.)  Psy’s beloved air-ponying is present.  And the marketing tagline is bound to be something similar to super-imposed hints like: “What’s your style? New York? Or Gangham?” and the aforementioned “Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy.”

As to what we don’t know?  A rep for Jill Stuart brand has stated that the collaboration “isn’t from the Jill Stuart collection,” and will “only be available in Asia.”  Hmmm…

Let the speculation begin.


09/25/12 Addendum:  A rep for Jill Stuart has confirmed that Psy has been named the official model for Jill Stuart New York’s 2012 F/W Line and had this to say:

“The singer Psy’s professional charisma and stage energy is an exact match with Jill Stuart New York’s concept goal of ‘contemporary twist’ enhanced by a feeling of American contemporary wit. We anticipate Psy will show this fall winter season to male fashion people the modern yet stand-out style as the true Gangnam style fashion.”

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