Joan Smalls and Sam Riley Cover Dazed & Confused October 2012


The Garden of Eden might not have been as sexy as this cover issue featuring Joan Smalls and Sam Riley in a reenactment of the sharing of the forbidden fruit, but we’re turned on by the temptation of it all. Gracing the cover of Dazed & Confused Magazine for the October 2012 issue, there’s an instant hauteness that escapes from the covers and assaults our moral dilemmas while challenging the beauty of free will. As the two models share the apple in the “Temptation” story line photographed by Sean & Seng and styling by Robbie Spencer, we’re drawn in to the spiritual, religious, artistic, hidden and fantasy innuendo’s that escape the ideology of right and wrong and outline simply what is.

This lusty photo shoot is carried out throughout the entire magazine and features ample shots of what it means to be on the road to paradise. Available on newsstands, you’ll love the fashionable feature that makes your brain spark.

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