“Jogg Jeans” by Diesel

There has been a newer trend going around lately that seems like it could be pretty tacky, but this latest discovery might prove the trend isn’t so bad if done correctly. I am talking about sweat pants that look like denim. Yes. My first thought is major fashion faux pas as well, but it looks like Diesel is trying their hand at it, and from te looks of the pictures they have released, I could actually see myself contemplating wearing them. I mean to be completely honest, who wouldn’t want a nice pare of jeans that feel as comfortable to wear as your favorite sweatpants. Conceptually it is amazing and if they look as good in person as some of the pictures look, I really do think I may be one of the first in line to try them out. Diesel calls this hybrid between denim and sweatpants “Jogg Jeans” and they cost a pretty penny at $340! I am not even sure their jeans cost that much… hmmm

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