Karite Collection Debuts at Walgreens

What’s better than products made specifically for thirsty, dry, damaged, textured hair? Products that are affordable and easy to access. Nu Naat’s Karite Special Hair products have hit the shelves of Walgreens and each product is under $7.00.

The Karite Special, a Brazilian company designed to combine the latest technology with a variety of natural ingredients, mainly found in the Amazon Rainforest, is an intensive treatment for restoring dry and damaged hair, is rich in Shea Butter, which revitalizes the hair’s capillary fiber leaving hair soft and silky as well as luxuriously fragranced.

Check out some of the amazing products in the lineup:

Karite Creamy Shampoo Formulated with Shea butter, one of the richest emollients available, the Karite Creamy Shampoo gently cleanses while restoring shine and silkiness to dry and damaged hair. Price $6.49

Karite Conditioner Nourishes, protects and moisturizes dry and damaged hair while restoring elasticity, moisture and silkiness. Price $6.49

Karite Intensive Mask Penetrates deep into the hair shaft to nourish and provide a layer of protection from further damaged caused by extensive styling or UV rays. For best results, use weekly by massaging a generous portion into your hair and leaving on for 20 minutes before rinsing. Price $6.99

Karite Anti-Frizz With its irresistible fragrance, Karite Anti-frizz is a heat-activated, leave-in product for all hair types that helps keep your hair soft while preventing frizz throughout the day. Price $7.49

Karite Combing Cream Nourishes and protects hair while allowing combing and styling with ease. Price $6.49

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