Kate Spade’s Fashion Week Manicures Go Long and Pointy

Ala Lana del Rey, we imagine—the nails at Kate Spade’s recent New York Fashion Week appearance eschewed the traditional square, neat and rounded shaping in favor of the much more dramatic, long and especially pointy manicure that the fledging pop-star is regularly seen sporting.  And did we mention the bright colors and patterns?  We didn’t.  Well, take a look.

Spade’s manicures went bright, gingham and polka-dotted for spring 2013, in that pointedly sexy retro shaped way that usually only 50′s and 60′s starlets could pull off.

“It’s all about attention to detail now, so nails have become really important.” said creative director Deborah Lloyd when questioned about Spade’s seemingly new pop-cultural urban take.  ”And we’re loving these longer nails because the collection can be quite sweet and quite preppy, so we wanted something a bit edgier and grittier. Even though some of the nails are quite pretty, with the ginghams for example, by having them longer and more pointed it just gave a little bit of edge to them, which I think is a nice counterbalance to the sweetness of the clothes,” she told us.

So is this the next adventure in nail art?  And if it is, who on earth will open can tabs for us in the future?  Let us know what you think!

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