Knock off Naughties

They say that imitation is flattery but sometimes it can be just plain copyright infringement. In the world of fashion, there is little protection on who can produce what, who own what designs, ideas and muses. It’s a free-for-all collection of art for the masses.

Take for instance the above shoe by famed designer (featured at Nordstroms) Jeffrey Campbell, known for his innovative designs at an affordable price. When you’re looking for fashion forward mixed with a little avante-garde, you turn to Campbell to surprise you with something that questions whether or not you can actually walk across the street in his designs.

In the same instance, Salvatore Ferragamo also created a stacked platform heel that took us back to the groovy times of the sixties. So who was the muse and who was the  master? In the world of fashion designers are now trying to reach the fashionistas that typically can’t afford runway looks but want to capture the essence with knock-offs.

Is it ethical to steal someone else’s designs or righteous to re-design an-out-of-reach shoe for modern fashionistas on a budget?

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