Kobe Bryant Partners with Nike for a Clothhing Line

Many celebrities attempt to switch genres when they feel that they have mastered their first craft. Some are successful like the J’Lo’s and some are not so… we will not choose favorites here since we are a blog about positivity, and we like a clean look, but I am sure you can think of a handful off of the top of your head. Well… here is Kobe Bryant- Famed basketball star and all around popular guy. He has had a shoe line before with Nike, but what basketball star doesn’t? And who knows how much they actually design personally? We have seen Kobe clean up for the GQ magazine as shown above, and if his line is as tasteful as above I would buy. The line is, of course, going to be an athletic look, so we shouldn’t expect suits and blazers but we can expect nice t-shirts, jackets,  cotton fleece and a leather destroyer jacket adorned with a range of sixties graphic design. Oh yeah, and the brand will be inconspicuously called Know, Originate, Battle and Elevate or the truncated version K.O.B.E. Look out for the line if you are looking for some nice athletic gear for Spring/Summer.  

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