Leave-In Conditioners for Relaxed Hair

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It’s almost a sin nowadays to still use the “creamy crack”. Every naturalista is pumping their fist in the air and going hard for chemical-free style but for those that are sticking to their guns and doing what’s best for them and their beauty routine, you’ll want the skinny on taking care of your relaxed hair with the best conditioners.

Easy Greasy

Don’t simply grab the first leave-in you find on the shelf. Many products can tend to leave your hair limp with a greasy, sticky filling that overly-moisturize your hair and causes build up. Try before you buy or ask your stylist for great recommendations.

Natural Oils

Your tresses deserve the best that nature has to offer. Jojoba and argan oils come from Mother Nature herself and are light weight enough to treat your hair with moisture and shine. A little goes a long way so don’t over do it or you can risk breakage.

Protein and Power

Don’t underestimate the power of a great protein treatment. See your stylist at least once a month for treatment that will love on your hair and keep those damaged strands from ending up in your bathroom sink.

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