• by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 3:34 pm
  • March 21, 2011

Madison Plus founders Aimee Cheshire (center) and Erica Young (right).

The fashion world is filled with lithe thin models wafting down the runways and posing prettily in editorials, but where is the love for curvy gals?

Well…when you see a void – fill it!

That seems to be the motto of Madison Plus founders Aimee Cheshire and Erica Young, who recognized that the plus-size market was sorely under-served by the retail world. They’re website Madison Plus aims to fill that void.

Madison Plus Website

Originally started as a traditional blog, the site relaunched earlier this year as a full-service site functioning as a chic fashion mall for plus-size gals with one noted difference from other plus-size sites and stores – extensive editorial.

A Model Posing at a Madison Plus Preview Event

That means features, a “Model of the Day” focusing on one rising plus-size model star, and a “Street Style” section highlighting women on the street.  And of course, the fashion: favorite brands include: Stefanie Bezaire, Svoboda denim, Fashion to Figure, Simply Be, Monif C swimwear and Anna Scholz who is widely considered the Diana von Furstenberg of the plus-size market.

“What we offer is hand-curated – it’s the best of the best out there for plus and we’ve taken it out of context,” Cheshire told StyleList, explaining how the site features brands in editorial contexts, sorted by looks and trends.

“It’s been a lifelong dream of mine,” to see these options for the plus market, Cheshire said, admitting that she was much heavier growing up than she is today. “I even want to go back to the weight loss camp I spent eight weeks attending every summer and put on a fashion show.”

“This is an under-tapped market,” Young said. “The plus size customer was needing a space and there’s so much potential – she’s so hungry for it.”

Let’s hear it for curves!

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