Lights, Camera, Fashion! Iman Makes Reality Television Something Worth Watching

Beauty icon Iman made her reality television debut last night on The Fashion Show’s second season premier alongside co-host Isaac Mizrahi. Iman replaced singer Kelly Rowland who, although graceful and poised, was seemingly unfit for the role of a discerning fashion judge.

The Fashion Show is Bravo Television’s second attempt at capturing the fashion-forward audience appeal it had with Project Runway and differs from Runway in that designers must compete in two teams, each representing “fashion houses” that must create complete collections each episode. The prize is $150,000. Plenty of loot to start their own fashion line or relax on a resort in Tahiti.

The Fashion Show on Bravo

Iman’s power-house attitude, gorgeous physique, and terrifying aura gives the show a bit of intimidating appeal that gives the show a boost, and for the designers a challenge to step up to the plate as she “won’t stand for crappy clothes”. Their first challenge….(gulp) to dress her.

Iman’s freshness to the show gives it the credibility it didn’t have before, helps to raise the stakes and gives a witty, funny, but very much diva feel that keeps the contestants on their toes and viewers like us interested in what is to come.

Check out Iman on The Fashion Show on Bravo with us, Tuesdays at 10pm EST, and let us know what you think so far about the show.

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