Long Live the Queen of Disco

donna summers

We all held our breath when the news flooded with details about disco queen Donna Summers death who lost her battle Thursday with lung cancer at the age of 63.  Music has lost too many legends. First it was the King of Pop whose tragic demise sent many of us to therapy sessions and endless nights re-capping his epic videos via YouTube. Then there was the sudden and unfortunate death of icon Whitney Houston earlier this year.

Now we stand in the face of yet another musician gone to grace who influenced  modern day entertainers like Beyonce,  Madonna and countless divas that grace the stage.  Summers’ style and sultry voice will continue to live strong beyond the grave and into the musings of artists who looked to her for inspiration.

The five-time Grammy award winner rose to superstardom in the late 70s with her most beloved hits “Hot Stuff” and “Bad Girls.”

Rest in peace dear Donna…




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