Look We Love: Shakira in Concert in Cancun!

  • by Kimmy Ratican
  • posted at 9:13 pm
  • July 20, 2011

Shakira Performs in Concert in Cancun, Mexico at The Moon Palace Resort

In the peak of summer, when the heat is as its worst, it’s hard to imagine even moving more than a block. Especially if you just worked (hard!) to get your hair and makeup parfait in the comfort of your air conditioned home! But maybe we should take after Shakira and stop trying so darned hard. The Columbian beauty wowed us over the weekend in a concert in Cancun, looking hot, hot and haute.

As she danced through the almost two hour set in 90 degree heat, we watched her wavy locks lose their shape and turn into something even sexier. But of course, having a solid base helped the look out. To get her beachy waves, apply a moisturizing base with hold like Moroccanoil  or Shu Uemera’s Satin Design Cream to damp hair and blowdry, twisting a round brush away from your face. Then, apply a light mist of a sea salt spray, like Phytoplage L’Originale Beach Spray. Let the weather do the rest. You’re golden, just like her lush locks.

Now as for that body? All we can say is, our Hips Don’t Lie, we just don’t know how she does it.

The Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico will be hosting more amazing acts this summer. Click here and get the full lineup, but we can’t promise they’ll look as hot in the heat as Shakira. At least we know you will.

Plus, you might just find ANY excuse to go down to Cancun. We had an incredible time! Cancun’s shoreline recently underwent a $71 Million Dollar makeover, that featured 1.3 billion gallons of sand to renovating the Hotel Zone’s seashore, and wow, does it show. The beaches were amazing and the water like a bath! It’s not just for partiers anymore, either. Cancun is a multifaceted destination that combines nature, historical Mayan Culture, glamour, luxury and world class tourism with a predilection for adventure (we swam with Whale Sharks AND zip lined!). And don’t get us started on the food. It was pure gastronomical magic. For more information, visit the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau website at: www.cancun.travel.

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