Lorde Pairs With M.A.C. For Cosmetics Collaboration

“That kind of lux just ain’t for us…” Or maybe it is.

With her signature look firmly in place, Lorde has made the natural entry into the cosmetics game, pairing with M.A.C. and a handful of other musicians like Rihanna and Beth Ditto to create a musical makeup collection inspired by the reigning pop music muses.

“I’ve loved M.A.C. Cosmetics since I was a little kid,” Lorde says. “I remember saying up to buy my very first M.A.C. Lipstick at 14, and it was used by about 20 of my friends.”

Considering the 17-year old Grammy-winning gal has already perfected her signature look — wild, natural mane and wine-stained lips — we can safely assume the collection will include inky dark lipsticks, likely a liquid liner, and an equally dark palette of dark nail lacquers. But as for verified details, we’ll have to wait.

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