L’Oréal Set To Release A Revitalist Triple Threat Collection

Revitalift Triple Power Moisturizer

Like most of you out there, I’m a sucker for new products: moisturizers, eye creams, sunscreens. You name it. I’ll try it. Which is why beauty brand L’Oréal Paris’ just-in-time-for-summer launch of its Revitalift Triple Power collection has me doing cartwheels.

Revitalift Power Eye

This much anticipated new product line’s big premise is three-dimensional skin repair — which sounds good to us, but what does that mean exactly? According to WWD, it means that the anti-aging collection is designed to help fight the visible signs of aging by addressing three dimensions: wrinkles, loss of facial volume and loss of firmness. The products deliver intensive results through an ingredient called Pro-Xylane — a 100% naturally derived, biodegradable molecule that is extracted from the beech wood plant that is shown to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin and enhance collagen production in studies. Additionally, there is also the addition of a fragmented hyaluronic acid that helps fight wrinkles and plump up fine lines and wrinkles.

Revitalift Triple Power Serum

The Revitalift Triple Power collection promises to help the skin look younger, smoother and more radiant and is comprised of a day/night cream ($24.99), a serum ($24.99) and an eye treatment ($24.99), all done up in L’Oréal’s high-tech packaging (and who isn’t a sucker for fancy packaging?) and will hit store shelves this July.

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