L’Oreal USA Launches For Girls In Science


Cosmetics giant L’Oreal recently launched a new online platform that’s full of girl power and lots of play for nerd girls. Featuring everything from videos of women scientists on the job, career opportunities in S.T.E.M. fields, summer and weekend training camps for rising stars and more, the site’s mission is to serve up science, technology, engineering and math in a way that is engaging, interactive and equally cool.

“At L’Oreal USA, we are all about science,” said Rebecca Caruso , EVP, Corporate Communications and External Affairs in a press release.  “Ours is a company that is heavily committed to science.  It’s part of our DNA and, we know that it can turn the impossible into the possible a dream into reality, and reinvent the future.  We also know the depressing statistics about women in science and have been working to change them, first through our For Women In Science program and now through For Girls In Science. We are on the cusp of making science come alive for young girls in a compelling and relevant way.”

The goal of the For Girls In Science website is to foster a much-needed community for young girls to see scientists that they want to emulate, to learn about careers that may interest them, to help them explore and connect with others with similar interests in science, technology, engineering and math.

Bravo L’Oreal for leading the way!


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