Louis Vuitton Gets an App!!!

Nowadays, the only way to reach people is via cell phone. Legendary lifestyle brand Louis Vuitton, famous for starting similar trends earlier by being one of the first in fashion to have a corporate website, decided to launch its Amble App from iTunes this month. This will allow the posh traveller to access an interactive treasure chest of information for many cities including London, New York, Paris and Tokyo. The App will host the city guides from Louis Vuitton launched in 1998, as well as the ability to capture and share favorite places and new discoveries via photo, video, audio or written notes, making each guide completely personal and unique.

These can be shared with friends via Twitter, Facebook or email and the best will be added to their official site for everyone to see. Since the App is linked to theĀ website, users can download content or plan their trip beforehand on their computer or iPad. Whilst the ‘My Amble’ section of the App allows users to store their memories and experiences, where it uses the GPS function of the iPhone to make it possible to search in specific areas. Those in need of some inspiration can check out individual guides from some of Louis Vuitton’s favourite people, including Sofia Coppola’s guide to New York City or Rachel Weisz’s top spots in London.

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