Lucky Brand Finds a New Face for the Company- A Talking Shamrock

It looks like denim brand, Lucky Jeans  is changing up there advertising methods. They are wanting to start branding themselves differently, moving from lifestyle brand ads to catchy t.v. commercials with a spokesperson or “spokes-shamrock” in this case. They  will be rolling out a campaign more similar to the BK guy in the Burger King ads or the hand in Hamburger Helper ads.  A wisecracking, profane shamrock character by the name of “Happy Go Lucky,” stars in 11 TV spots rolling out for Lucky Brand Dungarees this year.

“We wanted to create a branding campaign, not fashion ads,” agency chairman Jeff Odiorne said. “Lucky has a very unique culture and personality that permeates every aspect of the brand. The trick was to create a campaign that captures this personality.”

The commercials will stay away from the expected images of models wearing their denim, and instead will place the character in parodies of  ads from the 1950′s. They are shot in black and white, and will star “Lucky” singing songs about how it sucks to work at a denim company and how Lucky is the toughest pant out there, occasionally throwing in profanities and a bit of crass humour.

“We were worried that our humor and vision would be hard to translate to television, but the guys at OWN&P got it,” added Gene Montesano, CEO and co-founder.

I can’t wait to see the commercials, and even more excited to see what this move will do for the brand!

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