Luxury Condoms? Oh Yes!

The bow-chica-wow-wow just got a little more fashion-forward and socially conscious. Before leaping in to a lustful night of passion (or day for you naughty folks) wrapping it up is vital to protecting yourself against STD’s and Aids so that you can live a long, healthy and fashionable life.

Naked Condoms, a new ultra-luxe brand of premium condoms, are sexy from package to product. They use a latex that is thinner and softer than the latex used in other brands’ “ultra thin” condoms. They feature a hypoallergenic lubrication that is 10 times slicker and more expensive than the standard lube and an easy-tear wrapper with six layers of foil that took the company three years to develop.

The packaging itself, a suede-like box that sexy enough to keep on display. The top-dollar condoms will run you $56 for a 12-pack. To add icing onto this sexy ordeal, Naked donates one condom for every one purchased and pledges 20% of its profits to a health, education, or human services charity. Check out their cause at www.nakedfoundation.org.

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