M by MJ: NYC Fashion Week F/W 2011

Photos: Dazed Digital

This week Marc Jacobs’ revealed a more youthful line called “M by MJ”. The line was created to be a more casual line in comparison to the the parent line, by being more comfortable and simple, and lot more ready to wear. This means we get all the charm of Jacobs’ famous designs with a little less fuss.

M by MJ was straight from the 70′s, pairing muted colors like beige and browns with dark blues, maroons, and greens. My personal favorite highlight had to be the trench coats which sported oversized collars, lined with fur (a very common thing this fashion week).   Trench coats don’t always keep us very warm and in NYC we want to look fashion forward while still not having to freeze to death,  since the fall and spring seasons don’t last long it is nice to be able to find items that support both causes. I have never been a huge fan of the quintessential 70′s corduroy pant, especially when they are maroon, but he managed to tastefully pull it off. He also paired most of the mens outfits with tennis shoes which managed to keep the theme young and not dated.

By the end of the show a shift took place, leading us into more formal wear. He played with a little more color and the fabrics became a bit more flashy.  Sticking to the same silhouettes, he brought a more zest to the collection with the addition of interesting animal prints, and glossing up the fabrics, so that even the usual muted tones shimmered in the incredible runway lighting.

All in all, the line reinvented the look of the 70′s and made them relevant to the point of even those of us who aren’t the biggest fans of that decade in fashion, wouldn’t mind copping a couple of those pieces for a modern wardrobe.

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